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Piano, Voice, and Theory Lessons in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby

Music lessons are important for a well-rounded life. When choosing an instructor, it’s vital you take into account experience as well as teaching style. With more than 35 years of experience, Erika Galinskaya of the Main Music School has taught many students who have become professional pianists, as well as those who pursue lessons for their enjoyment. Located in central Vancouver, our school welcomes students of all ages and aims to give them a great appreciation for this art.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are a wonderful way for both children and adults to explore their musical ability. The piano itself is a remarkably versatile instrument, able to create a wide range of sounds while giving the user unparalleled freedom in expression. There’s no doubt that the piano is a complex instrument, but capable music lessons can make it come alive in your hands.

Vocal Lessons

Vocal lessons are a great way for you to harness the power of your own voice. Not only will you learn how to sing, you can also learn how to accompany yourself with an instrument like the piano. Vocal lessons are also a great way to improve one’s self-confidence and improve public speaking skills.

Benefits for Children, Students and Parents

Many parents choose to give their children music lessons. Not only has playing the piano has been shown to sharpen awareness and improve digital dexterity and artistic ability, it also looks great on college applications. By learning how to play the piano, students can also strengthen important skills in areas like management and discipline. Theory lessons can also improve their ability to think logically. The parents themselves can also benefit from the fun playing the piano can bring at social occasions. Senior students of the Main Music school have the ability for public performance in front of an audience

At Main Music School, Erika offers customized lessons that suit academic, professional and personal goals. Call us for more information or to make an appointment.


  • Piano and theory (rudiments) lessons for children and adults – all styles of music such as pop and classical
  • Vocal training/prep for exams & auditions for children
  • Exam preparation and instruction for Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum (grades 1-10)
  • Sight reading and ear training for vocalists and guitarists
  • Piano accompaniment training
  • Music arrangements and transcriptions (to paper) from CDs, voice or instrumental
  • Help with writing a new or old song on paper (prior to recording sessions)
  • Courses for music history and appreciation (groups of five or six)
  • Event planning and organizing
  • Service Area

    • Vancouver Mainland (downtown, west and east areas)
    • Richmond
    • Burnaby
    • Oakridge


    • English
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Ukrainian


    However, you don’t simply have to take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from some of our satisfied clientele.

    M. de Souza & family:

    "Erika Galinskaya has been teaching piano to our children since 2010. During this time, we have found her to be a good teacher who works hard to provide sound education in music to her pupils. Her specific education qualifications include MA & BA Degrees in Music, specializing in Piano, Theory of Music & Voice, and make her the talented and accomplished teacher we have found her to be. She trains professional pianists who wish to do a university major in piano, to build a career in music.

    Our children have benefitted from the lesson plans and methods she uses to facilitate students learning the piano. This progressively encourages them to pursue the study and the appreciation of music through playing a musical instrument.

    In her role as a teacher, Ms. Erika uses a positive attitude and approach, which creates a stable learning environment, so that her students are more likely to succeed. As a person, she is very understanding and accommodating of the needs of our children and our family.

    We are happy to recommend her – for her expertise, proficiency and patience as a piano teacher."

    Shirley Barnett:

    "It is my pleasure to write a short note about my piano teacher, Erika Galinskaya. I have known Erika for many, many years, but only within the last four years has she taught me piano. Not having touched a piano since I was a child and beginning second grade, Erika’s sensitivity has been nothing short of amazing. She knows how much to push me, how to motivate me and understands how to teach a beginning senior citizen.

    I would recommend her for any adult student."

    Another happy customer:

    "Erika has taught my three young children piano for almost three years. They all started lessons as beginners and have progressed beautifully under Erika's direction. Erika has consistently been encouraging and supportive during the weekly lessons. The songs that the children have learned have been age appropriate and enjoyable. Erika is a professional and reliable piano teacher, and I would not hesitate to recommend her as an effective, hard working, and knowledgeable instructor."

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